Guide into Singapore Property

Guide into Singapore Property


Tasty Bento At The Comfort of Your Home – Clavon

Delivering Healthy Bento to your Homes

Lean Bento does not avoid carbohydrates entirely, yet rather includes them in smaller, regulated amounts. They likewise substitute some components with healthier choices. As an example, konjac yam “shirataki” noodles replace egg noodles and white rice is changed with multi-grain high-fibre
sushi rice. The healthy protein rests on a bed of fresh cabbage, paired with soft eggs and also sides of cherry tomatoes, corn kernels and also edamame. Sweet drinks are changed with soy milk that not only tastes excellent yet likewise low-fat as well as cholesterol-free. It is simple to disregard healthy food as bland as well as unappetizing but their vibrant, delicious-looking bentos will definitely change your mind.

When on a tidy food diet, you do crave for a pleasant reward every now and then. Sugar-loaded breads can negate your efforts. They comprehend that so they supply low-calorie and also protein-rich muffins and also waffles. Plant-based, healthy protein blend (not the sort made use of in sports drinks or by body builders) is used in the muffins. They act as a guilt-free post-workout treat or a reward that you can have regardless of being on a strict diet plan.

Newest Development Close to Nature – Clavon

The Clavon Condo is the newest development from the UOL Ventures and also UIC Homes, situated along Clementi Avenue in the District 05 of Singapore. A high-end property development that will flaunt around 640 units across 2 blocks of 40-storey towers that are located on a 178,065 square foot site.

The Clavon Condo development is situated in the very demanded Clementi area, which offers an incredible mix of high end features, lively city life and also connection. Households will certainly additionally like the vast option of world class institutions which can be located just a short range away.

For those that like what the city supplies, however likewise like to leave into nature, the Clavon Condo development supplies!

Outside play grounds and also sizable environment-friendly parks can be discovered within walking distance in all directions. Faber Hills Playground, Firefly Park at Clementi, the West Park and also others produce an outstanding retreat after work or on the weekend breaks.

The close-by Jurong Lake development is also superb for nature enthusiasts and also those who take pleasure in a healthy and balanced way of living. The countless network of parks, walking paths, biking courses and waterways that will certainly use up over 100ha within the immediate area. Focused on advertising a healthier, a lot more all-natural lifestyle for those that live within the city, Clavon Condo locals can obtain outdoors to run, bike, walk, or just enjoy the sunshine in the new eco-friendly areas

Having Tasty Bento at The comfort of your home

Lean Bento’s food selection was designed to piece various food structures, colour, flavour profiles and macro together. Like a tasting platter, each bento dish is served at a measured section size to advertise
satiation on the palate and tummy of consumers. The very carefully curated Japanese-inspired bentos are mostly 500 calories or under. Each bento looks carefully assembled, with a particular level of care as well as thought right into every little thing, from flavour to presentation.

Lean Bento does not shy away from carbohydrates entirely, yet instead includes them in smaller sized, moderated quantities. Konjac yam “shirataki” noodles substitute egg noodles and white rice is replaced with multi-grain high-fibre.It is simple to reject healthy and balanced food as dull as well as unsavory yet their colourful, delicious-looking bentos will undoubtedly transform your mind.

Each bento looks thoroughly put with each other, with a certain degree of care as well as believed right into everything, from flavour to discussion.

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