Guide into Singapore Property

Guide into Singapore Property


Bishan Unveiled: Exploring the Heartbeat of Real Estate and Community

Step into Bishan, a neighborhood that’s not merely a residential enclave but a thriving community where life blossoms in every corner. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the essence of Bishan’s real estate allure, a story that’s continually evolving and captivating hearts along the way.

Bishan’s narrative is one of constant evolution, where the landscape is adorned with the emergence of mixed-use developments that seamlessly blend residential spaces with commercial hubs and recreational hangouts. These aren’t just structures; they’re vibrant hubs pulsating with life, fostering connections and experiences that shape the community’s identity.

Among the skyline, what truly steals the spotlight are the eco-friendly condominiums that grace Bishan’s horizon. They stand not only as homes but as symbols of the neighborhood’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. Living here isn’t merely about comfort; it’s a conscious choice to contribute to a greener future, one eco-conscious decision at a time.

When it comes to accessibility, Bishan undeniably hits the jackpot. With effortless connectivity to major thoroughfares and a well-established public transport network & medical treatment in Bishan, navigating in and around the neighborhood is a breeze. It’s urban living without the chaos, offering residents a serene sanctuary amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

But let’s not overlook the inherent charm that permeates Bishan’s Clinic and Street. Each alleyway is alive with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from quaint cafes, the allure of unique finds in trendy boutiques, the happiness of the healthy resident, and the tantalizing flavors of diverse culinary offerings. Here, every corner has a story to share, and every palate finds its perfect match.

Fundamentally, Bishan is a community of dreamers and doers, a place where opportunities abound amidst the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Here, the warmth of people’s smiles is as infectious as the spirit of progress that permeates the air.

And for those seeking unparalleled medical care right at the heart of Bishan, Health Screening Bishan stands as a beacon of excellence.  Come, experience the essence of living well in Bishan for yourself!

Suggested Arcticle: Harmonizing Properties with the Digital Symphony: A Modern Marketing Ballet


Harmonizing Properties with the Digital Symphony: A Modern Marketing Ballet

In the dynamic realm of real estate, the winds of change are blowing, and savvy property marketers are setting sail on a digital odyssey. The game is no longer just about location, location, location – it’s about navigating the intricate waters of the online world. One trusty compass for this journey? A digital marketing agency.

Picture this: a landscape where property marketing isn’t just about signboards and brochures but a symphony of online strategies. Enter the digital marketing agency, the modern-day maestro of this symphony. These online whizzes bring a wealth of information to elevate your property above the competition, not just magic sprinkles.

Online success is more about understanding the hidden language of the digital world than it is about flashing fireworks. A reliable digital marketing course isn’t just versed in the art of ads but is fluent in the dialects of search engine optimization and engaging content creation.

The beauty of this partnership extends beyond the property itself; it’s a boon for real estate maestros seeking a wider audience. Imagine your listings serenading the right audience, resonating with potential buyers or tenants in perfect harmony.

As the property market pirouettes into the digital era, teaming up with a digital marketing definition isn’t a trend; it’s a survival strategy. It’s about staying ahead of the curve, not just riding it.

So, whether you’re a seasoned real estate virtuoso or a property owner eager to fine-tune your online resonance, consider the transformative dance of partnering with a digital marketing agency. In this dynamic, fast-paced market, embrace the digital revolution and allow your properties to take centre stage.

Suggested Arcticle : At lyf’s buildings, you can live, work, and do well


At lyf’s buildings, you can live, work, and do well

We’re entering a new age in which hybrid workplaces and telecommuting will be the norm rather than the exception. People now take this tendency into account when deciding whether or not to accept a job offer. It’s only natural that as the workplace of the future evolves, so too will the residences like The Continuum of the future.

The result is a growing trend of people choosing to share The Continuum Showflat. And lyf by The Ascott Limited has revolutionised contemporary lifestyle. The Ascott Limited, the hotel division of CapitaLand Investment, has developed a brilliant shared-living concept called The Continuum Floor Plan that appeals to people all over the world.

Ascott is ushering in a new age of community living that is dynamic, enriching, and geared to people who are searching for a new way of life with the Lyf properties situated in key areas including one-north, Farrer Park, and within Funan Mall.

Lyf is a co-living company that offers places for digital nomads, technopreneurs, creatives, and self-starters to “live your freedom” in a dynamic setting, according to Genevieve Khua, who is the company’s country head for revenue management and area manager. Many things have made co-living an important way to live in the modern world.

For starters, Khua says that co-living places are a cheaper way to live, especially in big towns where rents can be high. Rents have gone up a lot in Singapore over the last three years. A room with an attached bathroom in a co-living place will usually cost at least $3,500 a month. This price includes WiFi, utilities, and a cleaning service once a week.

“Lease terms are flexible at co-living properties, so people can make shorter commitments,” says Khua.

Ascott’s lyf isn’t just about places to live; it’s also about how to live well. The brand has sites that show how much it cares about promoting health, innovation, and community. Modern co-working places meet the needs of a business world that is always changing, while exercise clubs and shared kitchens help people stay healthy and make friends over food. In social zones, people are always looking for ways to work together, which makes it easy for stories and ideas to connect.

Future-forward living and sustainable practices are being promoted at lyf’s properties, which reduce environmental effects.

“With the growing awareness for a sustainable environment and responsible living, lyf aims to minimize its ecological and carbon footprint by using sustainable operations and design. Khua recommends energy-efficient appliances, recycling, and trash minimization.

Suggested Article: Financial Trends for August 2023


Financial Trends for August 2023

Singaporeans ARE putting more money into art and condos like Florance Residences along with the construction of Florance Residences Site Plan and floor Plan.

Christie’s sale house has found that the average age of art buyers is getting younger. It said that in the first half of 2023, 30% of its Singapore buyers were millennials, which was up from 26% at the same time last year.

Surprisingly, younger buyers were very interested in Chinese art. Christie’s statistics show that 97% of the bought value for the group came from millennials.

How this could affect you

If you’ve been looking for a new type of item to add to your portfolio, you might want to think about art right now. The product has shown that it can last, and getting in on the growing trend could pay off in the long run.

CNA found in a study that owners who rent out their artworks can get steady returns of 6% per year. This beats stocks, T-Bills, and cash equivalents, which have been thought of as safe investments for a long time. The appeal of buying art is easy to see when you consider that its value could go up by up to 22% per year.


Six sessions in a row ended with Singapore stocks in the red. This caused the STI to drop 22.82 points, or 0.7%, and end the week at 3,173.93. During the time period, more people lost money than made money, 372 to 246, in deals worth S$1.1 billion.

The drop for a week was blamed on the bullish tone in the minutes of the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee Meeting, which experts took to mean that the Fed will keep interest rates high.

Other markets in the area also went down, like the 0.1% drop on the Bursa Malaysia across the strait. During the last hour of trade for the week, the Hang Seng Index fell by 2% in Hong Kong.

The price of petrol keeps going up, which adds to inflationary pressures.

Prices at the pump are going up again, and 95-octane is on track to reach S$3 per liter by September. This is a level that hasn’t been seen since July 2022, which is less than a year ago.

Prices at the pump have been going up for more than a month. Prices for petrol have gone up by between S$0.04 and S$0.07 per liter, and diesel prices have gone up by between S$0.08 and S$0.16 per liter.

Suggested Article: Demand drives Singapore house sales to six-month high


Demand drives Singapore house sales to six-month high

Demand for housing in Singapore continued to rise in March, pushing property sales to a six-month high.

According to data released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority on Monday, the number of newly constructed private flats purchased rose to 492. After plunging to a 14-year low in December due to a dearth of project debuts, prices had risen for three consecutive months.

“The general market view is still quite positive,” said Christine Sun, senior v.p. of research and analytics at OrangeTee & Tie, Normanton Park, and Normanton Park Floor Plan. Sun argued that the market will be buoyed by low inventories and high demand.

At a time when many international markets are failing due to increased borrowing rates and relentless inflation, the housing market in Singapore is thriving. The government’s decision to increase taxes on purchasers of high-end residences in February has not deterred demand, as seen by the increase in property sales.

After increasing by 3.2% in the first quarter, home prices are expected to increase by as much as 5% in 2023, owing to rising rents and positive supply and demand dynamics, as reported by Bloomberg Intelligence.

However, some potential buyers may want to wait for more options from upcoming launches and more stability in the global macro and interest rate environment, according to a note written by BI analysts led by Ken Foong last week. They also noted that developers can price their developments more reasonably to entice purchasers, which might impede the growth of housing values.

Suggested Article: Q1 bankruptcies increase distressed property listings


Q1 bankruptcies increase distressed property listings

More distress sales are anticipated in the second half of 2023 as the number of bankruptcy filings is predicted to rise, after a sharp increase in the number of mortgagee listings in the first quarter.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Law, the number of bankruptcies filed in the first quarter of 2023 increased by 5.6% over the previous quarter, reaching 959. In comparison to the first quarter of 2022, this represents a 22.2% increase in applications.

Mortgagee listings increased at monthly auction houses including Knight Frank and Edmund Tie in the first three months of 2018.

Knight Frank saw a significant increase in mortgagee listings at auctions in the first quarter of 2023, from 10 in the previous quarter to 32. There were still fewer ads than there were in Q1 2022, when there were 47.

The number of residential mortgagee postings increased by 143% from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, rising from 9 to 18. After being on the market for two months, a non-landed house in St. Regis Residences sold for S$13.5 million without going to auction.

Mortgagee listings from Function.Sg, photo booth Singapore for retail properties in Q1 totaled four, while office listings of wedding photo booth Singapore totaled three. Meanwhile, the number of industrial listings has increased by a factor of seven from the previous quarter. According to Knight Frank, this is due to the difficulty of maintaining operations in light of the current economic situation and interest rate increases.

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