Guide into Singapore Property

Guide into Singapore Property


At lyf’s buildings, you can live, work, and do well

We’re entering a new age in which hybrid workplaces and telecommuting will be the norm rather than the exception. People now take this tendency into account when deciding whether or not to accept a job offer. It’s only natural that as the workplace of the future evolves, so too will the residences like The Continuum of the future.

The result is a growing trend of people choosing to share The Continuum Showflat. And lyf by The Ascott Limited has revolutionised contemporary lifestyle. The Ascott Limited, the hotel division of CapitaLand Investment, has developed a brilliant shared-living concept called The Continuum Floor Plan that appeals to people all over the world.

Ascott is ushering in a new age of community living that is dynamic, enriching, and geared to people who are searching for a new way of life with the Lyf properties situated in key areas including one-north, Farrer Park, and within Funan Mall.

Lyf is a co-living company that offers places for digital nomads, technopreneurs, creatives, and self-starters to “live your freedom” in a dynamic setting, according to Genevieve Khua, who is the company’s country head for revenue management and area manager. Many things have made co-living an important way to live in the modern world.

For starters, Khua says that co-living places are a cheaper way to live, especially in big towns where rents can be high. Rents have gone up a lot in Singapore over the last three years. A room with an attached bathroom in a co-living place will usually cost at least $3,500 a month. This price includes WiFi, utilities, and a cleaning service once a week.

“Lease terms are flexible at co-living properties, so people can make shorter commitments,” says Khua.

Ascott’s lyf isn’t just about places to live; it’s also about how to live well. The brand has sites that show how much it cares about promoting health, innovation, and community. Modern co-working places meet the needs of a business world that is always changing, while exercise clubs and shared kitchens help people stay healthy and make friends over food. In social zones, people are always looking for ways to work together, which makes it easy for stories and ideas to connect.

Future-forward living and sustainable practices are being promoted at lyf’s properties, which reduce environmental effects.

“With the growing awareness for a sustainable environment and responsible living, lyf aims to minimize its ecological and carbon footprint by using sustainable operations and design. Khua recommends energy-efficient appliances, recycling, and trash minimization.

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